A great night's sleep is all about comfort and support, and the skilled designers and manufacturers at UK Mobility Direct are the people to contact for an adjustable bed that can provide exactly that.

We have a number of different orthopaedic bed options in our range: 


Adjustable beds have long been one of the most effective mobility aids on the market, making getting in and out of bed easier than ever before. They work by allowing the user to adjust the bed at five different points along the mattress, meaning you can adjust the top, bottom and middle of the bed to be in the optimal position. 

These adjustments are all electronic and can easily be changed by using the remote control found on the side. Our double beds come with two controls on either side so two users can adjust the position as they wish without disturbing the other. 

Because you can easily find the perfect sleeping position on an adjustable bed, it makes them highly effective in helping with everything from breathing difficulties and back complaints to conditions such as deep vein thrombosis and oedema.

The purchase of an adjustable bed can really make a difference to an average night of sleep, and no one knows this better than UK Mobility Direct. We can offer a range of electric adjustable beds to suit the specific needs of each of our clients, built to the exacting high standards that have helped us make a name for ourselves.


Adjustable Beds Made to Measure

Just as with our wide selection of rise and recline chairs, our adjustable beds are custom-made to the individual requirements of each customer. This ensures that you are perfectly supported and comfortable, whether you’re sitting up in bed or raising your feet to improve circulation. 

All of our beds can be made according to whatever dimensions you need, with widths ranging from 2'3" to 6'0" and lengths ranging from 5'8" to 7'0". Depth can also be customised to your requirements, with heights ranging from 16" to 30", including a standard foam mattress.

As well as being optimally functional, UK Mobility Direct uses excellent raw materials to make sure that you receive an adjustable bed of the highest quality.

So, if you feel that you are missing out on a great night's sleep, why not take a look at some of the excellent adjustable recliner beds we can offer you?

Have any questions? Take a look at one of our guides below, or get in touch via our Contact Us page.


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